Frequently Asked Questions

Chilled roller system for production of particles for the MSP oral delivery system.

What is NuLode's policy on ownership of R&D generated during a cooperative research project?

All contract R&D and consulting is done under a non-disclosure agreement with NuLode partners. NDAs can be either one-way agreements, covering the client's confidential information only, or mutual, covering both the client's and NuLode's proprietary information.  If the work is being done under contract and no NuLode proprietary information is required to do the project, all ownership rests with the client. If the client wishes to use NuLode IP, then the contract will state the rights granted to the client on completion of the contract.


What is NuLode's responsibility for the success of an R&D project?

R&D is a risky endeavor and NuLode seeks to de-risk projects for its clients. NuLode will carefully plan the work and confer with the client as to the work plan. NuLode will execute the workplan and provide the results to the client - but makes no guarantee of the outcome - science rules.  


Do we get our money back if we not awarded the grant?

In short, no. NuLode will use its experience to help you develop and submit your grant proposal but cannot guarantee you will get it awarded. Our support is a fee for service not a shares agreement - so if you get the award we do not get a cut of that award - its all yours but we hope you will call on us if we can help with the R&D or in crafting an award worthy Phase II or follow on award.