Technology Development & Commercialization

Oral Delivery Sensitive Biologics


Aquaculture & Agriculture require simple delivery solutions at industry relevant pricing. NuLode is developing oral delivery methods for this market.

Protein delivery - Vaccines


NuLode's Matrix Scaffold Payload (MSP) delivery technology has been used to produce subunit and bacterin vaccines for oral testing in fish. Validation still in progress

Nucleic acid delivery - vaccines & therapeutics


The MSP delivery technology has been modified to provide stability to nucleic acids (e.g., RNAi and DNA plasmids) to use in oral delivery. Research on-going.

Protein delivery - enzymes


The MSP technology is being tested for enzyme stabilization and release.

Product Testing


We have worked with a number of companies to test out their products and provide supporting data for publication and/or commercial development.

Assay development


We have developed immunoassays, bioassays and physical and chemical analysis for multiple clients to focus their product capabilities and specifications.