Areas of Service


Contract Research & Development

We have expertise in a wide range of areas and have a fully equipped laboratory with access to outside equipment should it be needed.  All work is handled in a confidential manner and all work product is the ownership of the customer.

  • Biotechnology - e.g. protein & bioactive isolation, characterization & testing
  • Microbiology - e.g., MPN and plate count, antibiotic suceptibility, mass culture
  • Immunoassay - e.g., microplate assays, western blot analysis
  • Molecular biology, e.g., DNA & RNA isolation, transformation, PCR
  • Strategies for protecting intellectual property, pre-patent attorney advice
  • Grant writing and positioning technology for external funding and commercial success

Algal Biotechnology

Extensive experience isolating, growing and identification of algal strains/isolates/mutants, identification and purification of algae-derived products, making commercial products from algae (micro and macro algae).


Routine microbiology testing and services available for BSL1 and BSL2 organisms.  These include identification, isolation, culture, quantification, product extraction and purification.


Run enzyme linked immunosorbant assays (ELISA) and have experience in their development.  Experienced in western immunoblot analysis. Run colorimetric, fluorescent and luminescent assays.

IP Protection

Note: we do not offer patent attorney or patent agent services. We provide services to customers prior to engaging these professionals to reduce the upfront cost to our customers. We have experience in the patent application process as well as in protection of trade secrets that can lower your upfront costs while protecting your technologies. 

Grant Strategy and Writing Support

Our principals and associates are experienced in writing, managing and award of federal and state grants. We offer support in grant strategy, grant writing, final review and in the application process.  Goal is setting you up to succeed in gaining funding and properly managing the funds received.